- art installations


2020 - now

El arte de Yica Djuric en el Barecito del Carmen.
Ubicado en un edificio construido en 1910 en la Plaza del Mercado nÂș 20, en pleno Centro de Valencia.

Amsterdam - LPB

2019 - now

Yica Djuric and La Piccola Baracca, an authentic italian pizzeria restaurant. Paintings, a wine tank and live art.

Hotel Westin


Yica Djuric and her paintings, faces, glasses, mannequins and live art at the Westing Hotel in Valencia. With Olfo Bose, ELA and ELAmorArte.

YDJ art in New York


Yica Djuric and her faces in New York, thanks to a collector who taked his five faces in a big city tour before appending them in his walls.

YDJ graffiti art in pobla, spain


Doing an artistic action in a beautiful beach in Spain, realizing a "beach bar and club" using old containers.

Art Fair Malaga


Yica Djuric exhibition in Art Fair Malaga, Spain. 2017.

Clos-Cor-Vi en Lotelito


A Yica Djuric installation and live drawings in Lotelito for Clos-Cor-Vi, a wine brand in Valencia.

Madres de Montserrat & Fund. S. Vicente Martir


Yica Djuric with the social cause of the madres de Montserrat in valencia Spain.
Bodypainting, live art and paintings donation. Location: Upper Club, Valencia.



Yica Djuric bodypainting for a hair stylist in Valencia, Spain.

Amnesty International


A Yica Djuric painting as main image for the Amnesty International global campaign my body, my rights.

Las Naves


Yica Djuric Exhibition in Las Naves, an iconic place of the modern art in Valencia. Paintings, video and sculptures.